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Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Through the child sponsorship program, you can choose a child whose story has touched your life in a special way. This way you can change their story for the future and follow them through this life changing journey.

Over the course of months – or even years – your sponsorship will continue to make an impact on this child, their family and community.

How Sponsorship Works!

 Sponsors invest directly into the lives of the children living in extreme poverty in Africa through monthly financial contributions, prayer and even letter writing.

Children get the privilege to a good education within their community and these schools serve as centers to receive life changing opportunities that they would otherwise not receive.

Sponsors pay $35 per month, which enables us cover the education fees, a school uniform, scholastic materials and a hot meal at school.

The primary goal of sponsorship is to help provide children with their best chance for success and secure brighter futures, fighting poverty through education. Through the sponsorship program you will develop a strong and important relationship with the child through letters, cards and photos. The most important aspect of being a child sponsor is the impact you will have on the community as a whole. Your contributions will directly affect the education, health care, and safety of others within the community, as well.

This is considered a practical way to remove a child’s constraints to education, building self-esteem, goals and dreams. Touching lives, transforming communities by removing external and internal poverty chains.

Our Promise to You

When you sponsor a child you will receive:

  • A photo of your sponsored child, short info about this child, their family, community and country they come from.
  • An annual report, indicating progress of your child with an updated photo.
  • You can write to your child, gift and visit your sponsored child.

Our duty to the Child

RIDE-UGANDA works alongside the children, their parents, guardians and caretakers to make sure that:

  • Children are educated
  • Are aware of their basic rights
  • Children are cared for, valued and loved at home and the community.
  • Children keep healthy and well nourished.


How we spend your contribution:

Administration – 10%

Programme – 85%

Fundraising – 5%